Winter Tours

Take an enchanting 1 hour dog sled ride through the woods and experience a bond between humans and dogs that is thousands of years old. Feel the dogs’ excitement as you pull up to the kennel and are greeted by the team. After an introduction to the dogs and instructions about riding on the sled, you and your guide will be off on a scenic sled ride together. If the conditions are right, you’ll have a front row seat to some of the best Denali views in the area! Your guide will stop throughout the ride for photos, and to let you switch positions between standing and sitting on the sled. After the ride, you can take as much time as you would like to pet the dogs and ask us questions.

All of our tours are private, which means it will only be you and the people in your party on the tour. This means you’ll have the guides’ and the dogs’ full attention, and won’t have to share a sled with strangers. All tours are guided by either Rohn or Alyssa.

Average tour time is approximately 2 hours total. Time on the sled is around 1 hour. Time varies depending on weather, trail conditions, and how much time you want to spend petting the dogs!

The dog tour requires a small amount of physical fitness. Please be aware that one person will need to be able to stand and balance on the sled for about an hour as we travel down the trail. Please dress appropriately in warm clothes. (We do have some gear for you to borrow, but please come prepared).

Tour pricing: $175 per adult. $150 per child.

Due to insurance child age minimum is 2 years old.