Alyssa and Rohn.

We have always been dog lovers, especially working dogs. We both started working with sled dogs at a very young age, it has been our lives’ passion. Rohn grew up in Alaska with competitive sled dogs, he has run the Iditarod 3 times, and participated in many mid distance races. Alyssa mainly enjoys day trips with the dogs, fun runs with friends and their teams, and the occasional race. We love and admire sled dogs and want to share these amazing animals with as many people as possible. We love the sled dogs’ zest for life. They are the happiest dogs you’ll ever meet and are always up for an adventure- whether that’s pulling a sled, going for a hike, or playing in the yard. We are lucky to share this bond with them, and their unconditional love. The dogs of Susitna Sled Dog Adventures are more than our dogs, they’re our family. We love that we get to share our passion with all of you! Words can’t accurately describe what it’s like to traverse the wilderness with your best friends, but we hope that you get a taste of it when you’re on a tour with all of us.

Hannah Petrich

We are so excited to have Hannah with us this winter! Hannah is going into her second winter in Alaska and her third winter of running dogs. She fell in love with mushing in Colorado and it only took her six months to realize she wanted to move up to Alaska and race sled dogs full-time. She has dreams of starting a kennel of her own and completing the Iditarod, but this season she’s looking forward to knocking out her mid-distance qualifying races! When she’s not on a sled, you can find her training for ultramarathons or camping with her dog.


Alaskan Husky. 10 Years old. Fiddler is usually the first dog to greet you when you arrive. His bright blue eyes and unique coloring makes him one of our most recognizable dogs. He’s infamous for loving cuddles and pushing his head into your legs as a way to hug you. He was born at Rohn’s parents’ kennel in 2013, where Rohn raised him. Fiddler ran the Iditarod with Rohn in 2015 and is a steady leader on our team. When he’s not in harness Fiddler loves to cuddle on the couch and spend time alone in his private room (our guest room).


Alaskan Husky. 6 years old. Brooks came to us in the Winter of 2022 from our friends at Sivo Racing Kennel. Brooks is full of personality and and sass, always bouncing around the yard. LOVES to lead, and will throw a huge fit if she has to run in any other position. She is a great indoor dog and gives the best cuddles.


Alaskan Husky. 10 years old. Inca came to Alyssa from Team Warren in Idaho when she was 6 years old. She ran multiple 300 and 200 mile races, in lead for them. Inca is very hard working and if often described as the energizer bunny. Her cute little tail is always waging, and she loves to give kisses, while also nibbling on your chin. Queen of fetch, Inca is the record holder around here for most balls caught and returned. She takes the game very serous and rarely lets anyone beat her at it.


3 year old Alaskan Husky. Ruger came to us from Team Warren in Idaho when she was a puppy. She is one of the younger dogs in the team. She is well rounded and can run anywhere in lead, but seems to prefer running towards the back of the team. Unlike most Alaskan Huskies, Ruger absolutely loves to go swimming! When we take her paddle boarding, she usually spends more time in the water than she does riding on the board. Ruger is full of personality, she can be a bit shy to strangers, but is an absolute sweetheart to people she knows well.


Alaskan Husky. Ranger is a 6 year old that came to us from Northern Nevada. He didn’t have much socialization when we got him, so he is very shy. Ranger avoids most people, but is so affectionate to people he knows. He’s always smiling at us and is the happiest guy. His brother Rocket and Ruger are his best doggie friends in the yard.


Alaskan Husky. 5 years old. He came to us in the fall of 2021 from our friends at Sivo Racing Kennel. At around 80 pounds, Nanook is one of the largest dogs in the team. He is also one of the sweetest. Out of harness, Nanook is often cautious and reserved, but when he is in the team, he is all business. He pulls like a freight train, and is a great command leader. Like his namesake the Polar Bear, he often likes to sleep on the snow in the winter instead of in his dog house.

Mrs. Hudson.

Alaskan Husky. 3 years old. Littermate to Watson. Hudson came to us in the fall of 2021 from our friends at Sivo Racing Kennel. She is incredibly sweet, but when in harness she has a tendency to boss around her partner. She can run anywhere in the team and is working on developing her leading ability.


Alaskan Husky. 3 years old. Littermate to Hudson. He came to us in the Winter of of 2022 from our friends at Sivo Racing Kennel. Watson has arguably the best ears in the kennel, look how they cutely lay to the side. He can be a bit shy at first, but will be your best friend if you rub his hips.


Alaskan Husky. 7 years old. Half brother of Salt. Stinson is a very sweet and energetic guy! He came to us in the fall of 2021 from our friends at Sivo Racing Kennel. He’s always talking and letting us know what he thinks, he’s also the reason we now wear hearing protection when we feed the dogs or do anything that gets them excited and barking. He is an amazing sled dog, and makes the cutest noise when he thinks we aren’t going fast enough (if you’ve been out with a team that Stinson is on, you’ve heard it).


Alaskan Husky. 2 years old. Shy and sweet Salty girl loves to run! If she gets left behind she will loudly protest. She is an awesome sled dog and great leader. She has such a calm nature and usually quietly follows us around the yard, asking to get pet.


.Blistra is a 6 year old Alaskan husky. She is Qute’s sister, from a separate breeding, but a total opposite. Blistra’s is so sweet and easy going. She loves to play fetch and is never far from us. She is the biggest female in the yard, but loves cuddling on the couch and squishing us.


Alaskan Husky. 1 year old.


Alaskan Husky.


Alaskan Husky.


Alaskan Husky


1 year old Karelian Bear Dog.

Retired dogs.

These sweet dogs are a bit old to keep up with the rest of the team. They enjoy fun runs going at a much slower pace.


Siberian Husky. Porsche came to Alyssa from a kennel in Ohio back in 2012. Porsche is the matriarch of the kennel, a steady leader, and the sweetest girl. She is the mother of 5 of our other dogs. She’s 13 now and slowing down a little so she doesn’t join us on many runs.


Lobo! He’s a 11 year old Siberian Husky, and one of the best dogs to ever live. True to his Siberian nature he is full of sass and spunk, but is also very loyal and easy to train. He loves meeting new people when they come to visit us. He expects all attention to be on him, because just look how handsome and cute he is! Lobo’s parents were on Alyssa’s team when she was in her early 20’s. He was the first puppy to be born in his litter and she knew from the day she met him that he was one special dog! When he’s not running in harness Lobo enjoys going on hikes and paddle boarding.


Siberian Husky. 11 years old. She is sister to Lobo. Aleu is so sweet and so mellow. She never causes any trouble and is always happy to go with the flow. She loves attention and will gently put her paws on you to ask for pet, and to give you kisses. During our wedding photos she kept coming over to give us some love. Aleu was born in 2011 and was the last puppy to arrive, and the only girl! Aleu was the best surprise! She’s the best little Lu Lu dog.


Siberian Husky. 10 years old. Although Diesel is the smallest male Siberian in the yard, he is the strongest and hardest working. He is always ready to go, with a smile on his face. Diesel can run in any position on the team, but excels in wheel. He is so so sweet and loves to cuddle. In his down time he likes to hang out with his favorite brother (who’s retired from running) Finnick. The two of them have been joined at the hip since birth. Diesel also loves to play fetch and takes it very seriously!


Siberian Husky. 10years old. The tiniest dog in the kennel, and also the dog with the biggest heart. Zelda is always happy and always ready to go. I call her my mighty munchkin. She is about 30lbs of pure joy and sass. She is a great leader and does well in any position on the team. When she’s not in harness Zelda loves to play with her mom Porsche, and siblings Diesel, and Punzel. She also loves to play fetch.


Siberian Husky. 10 years old. Quiet and reserved, she’s the most introverted of her litter. So that makes her sweet little kisses and cuddles even more special. Punzel works hard in harness and is easy going, never causing any trouble (except for that one time she jumped the fence at dinner time, ran away for two days and about gave me a heart attack). When she’s not in harness her favorite thing to do is chew on bones.


Mixed Breed. 8 years old. The biggest dog in the yard, which automatically makes guests assume he will be an amazing sled dog. We all get a good laugh when he takes off down the trail, massive tail waving in the air, and his line is completely slack. He’s very gentle and a bit shy, so its pretty special when he comes up to get love.

Dogs Available for Adoption.

Occasionally we will adopt out a dog if we feel it can go to a home better suited for them than we are. If you are interested in adopting a recreational or retired sled dog, reach out and we will see if we have a good fit!


6 year old Alaskan Husky. Rocket is full of personality and love. Despite his energy, he has let us know that he’s not a fan of running longer distances. He would do well in an active home and be a great hiking or jogging partner!