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Welcome to Susitna Sled Dog Adventures! I’ll do my best to give a quick monthly update so you can stay in the loop with all things going on here. -Alyssa

Located just north of Anchorage, near the picturesque town of Talkeetna, our 40-acre off-the-grid property serves as home to our family of 33 happy huskies, as well as Rohn, Alyssa (myself) and our young son, Kaladin Buser. Rohn and I have both worked with sled dogs since we were kids. Rohn is a three time Iditarod finisher and is a champion of various 200 and 300 mile mid-distance races.

The Daily Life with our Canine Companions

A typical day at Susitna Sled Dog Adventures begins with tending to the needs of the sled dogs – feeding, watering, scooping poop (a never ending task), giving them all individual attention, and ensuring their well-being. The day progresses with whatever tasks are on the agenda for the day. From training sessions for the dogs, trail work, sled and equipment repair, more poop scooping, the list is never ending. The day ends with tending to the dogs, scooping poop again, and cuddles on the couch with our retired sled dogs.

The Sled Dog Experience: What Visitors Can Expect

Once the tours commence, we guide visitors on exhilarating dog sled rides through Alaska’s breathtaking landscapes. With majestic Denali as a backdrop, guests are treated to an unforgettable experience, whether gliding through snow-covered trails in winter or enjoying leisurely walks among birch and spruce forests in summer.

Susitna Sled Dog Adventures offers a range of unique experiences designed to cater to different preferences and interests. Regardless of the season, guests can expect an intimate and immersive encounter with our sled dogs and the stunning Alaskan wilderness.

Winter Dog Sled Tours
Photo by Peter Whitmore photography

During the winter months, visitors can embark on unforgettable dog sled tours guided by Rohn and Alyssa. With private tours focused exclusively on each party, guests enjoy the undivided attention of their guides and the sled dogs, ensuring a truly personalized experience.

Summer Kennel Tours and Dog Walks

When the snow melts, Susitna Sled Dog Adventures transitions to offering kennel tours and dog walks, allowing visitors to learn more about the daily lives of our sled dogs. Guests also have the opportunity to explore the beautiful Alaskan outdoors with our canine companions, gaining a deeper appreciation for the bond between humans and these amazing animals.

Special Events and Occasions

In addition to regular tours, Susitna Sled Dog Adventures caters to special events such as weddings, engagements, filming projects, and photo shoots. With the captivating Alaskan landscape and the enchanting presence of sled dogs, these occasions become truly memorable experiences for all involved.

Our Commitment to Sled Dogs and the Sport

Dog mushing holds a special place in Alaskan culture and history. As a second-generation Iditarod musher, Rohn carries on the proud tradition of this time-honored sport. Through Susitna Sled Dog Adventures, we share our passion with visitors from around the world, introducing them to the captivating world of sled dogs and the powerful bond that exists between humans and these extraordinary animals.

We have dedicated our lives to our sled dogs and the sport of mushing, ensuring that our guests leave with newfound admiration and respect for these incredible animals. This dedication extends to the sled dogs’ well-being and happiness. We emphasize the importance of treating them with the utmost care and respect. Each sled dog is considered a cherished member of the our family, and their welfare remains a top priority.

We strive to create a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors to Alaska. Through Susitna Sled Dog Adventures, we share our love for these remarkable animals and the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness with the world. See you on the trail!

Photo credit Cassie Renee Photography

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